Carefully Cultivating at all Stages of Early Childhood!

Baby Bells

(12-18 Months)

Group of happy young mothers watching their cute and healthy babies while playing with multicolored toys in a modern daycare center

At this young and tender age, children spend a lot of time seeking to understand the world around them. Our educators help them develop their very first skills while maintaining a focus on belonging as they get used to a new atmosphere. By partnering with parents, we make sure that every Baby Bell’s first experience in an early learning environment is a positive one

Budding Bells

(18-30 Months)


As young minds gain new skills they seek to grow their knowledge through exploration and adventure. Educators use this curiosity to help toddlers develop a better understanding of their own personal identity and to teach them lifelong skills they will need to feel well.

Blossoming Bells

(30-48 Months)


As children feel well and develop a sense of belonging they naturally ease into their lives as students. We prepare Blossoming Bell’s for kindergarten by encouraging them to interact with each other in a positive way. We continuously support our pre-schoolers in developing self-regulation and communication skills to better equip them to have a successful start to their academic life.

The Magical Garden of Early Childhood Development

This soil is the perfect place for our careful cultivators to plant the seeds of physical, social, emotional, linguistic and cognitive skills. These skills grow through quality care and education. After being carefully cultivated over time, just as seeds do, they sprout.

The resulting plant stem is like a child’s abilities to do higher level functions. Functions that include things like the ability to attend, interacting with others, signaling emotions and using symbols. When these skills begin to appear in each child’s behaviour as attitudes, the sprouts blossom into flowers.

Carefully cultivating these flowers give a child the ability to perform higher-level functions. They produce lifelong skills like self-control, an understanding of thier own personal identity, being socially inclusive, as well as lliteracy, numeracy, and reasoning skills. Research has shown that development happens in this order because the neural circuits that process basic information are connected previous to those that process more complexity.

This learning order is consistent amongst most children, however we work with each child to meet their individual needs!

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