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At Blue Bell Academy, our team of educators believes themselves to be careful cultivators who tend the magical garden of early childhood development.

As careful cultivators we look after little ones in our care by creating a loving atmosphere where pathways for learning, behavior and health are developed. Join our wait list by clicking on the button below!

Proudly serving the Upper Beaches and Leslieville Communities!

Our locations are conveniently situated in the beautiful communities of Upper Beaches and Leslieville, both of which offer so much for children and families to explore! These safe and loving neighborhoods provide the right settings for children to learn about the world around them. Blue Bell Academy parent communities also serve as informal social networks of adults with young children that assist us all in widening our understanding child health and wellbeing.

A Place to Learn and Grow!

Childcare focused on the careful cultivation of bright young minds.



When teaching little ones, our educators carefully cultivate each young mind by teaching the skills needed to set a foundation for future learning.

They partner with parents and families to understand what makes each child unique. Along with our programs and our perspective on how learning happens, these partnerships help us set up goals for learning skills and plan out the best way to achieve them.


Why Us?

Parent’s have nothing but wonderful things to say about us, our educators and our centres. Together, our team cultivators work to create loving space where children can learn and grow.

Using the HiMama App, an all in one easy to use software for childcare services, Blue Bell Academy is able to stay connected with families on a consistent basis in a way that enriches a child’s developmental experience.



Years of childcare experience has led us to develop a unique perspective on many different topics regarding child safety, health and wellbeing. In our blog we explore these topics, paying attention to childcare news and trends meant to benefit families and little one’s alike.

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